How to create a kitchen for extreme functionality

How to create a kitchen for extreme functionality

Creating a modern kitchen that’s both functional and user friendly is a key to any design. While the right décor, style and finishes go a long way it’s the layout and user friendly features that make the real difference to homeowners. From the optimal layout to multi -purpose furniture, we’ll tell you exactly how to create the dream functional kitchen.

The Work Triangle

The work triangle is essentially the placement of the sink, hob and refrigerator – making sure they’re close enough to each other to ensure efficiency. From this, all related appliances and furniture are placed in their proper zones – for example, the dishwasher near the sink, and the microwave and toaster within the same area as the hob.

Those with larger kitchens can begin to think outside of the work triangle too by zoning the kitchen for task-specific areas. This way your kitchen will set up a series of min-work triangles for you to work from, rather than just one big work triangle.

Functional Furniture

At Cucina Kitchens we pride ourselves on installing furniture that not only looks great, but is multi-purpose too. Take kitchen islands for example they add a focal point to your kitchen space while offering optimum functionality. You can use one as a breakfast bar, take advantage of its storage and use the worktop for food prep.

It’s not just the kitchen island that’s functional though. Many kitchen furniture items are now being designed with lots of built-ins and little nooks – such as knife blocks built into drawers and magic corner storage in cabinets.

Proper Lighting

You’d be surprised to find out how many homeowners struggle to make the most of their kitchen space due to poor lighting. Limited lighting in food prep areas results in chefs having to prep elsewhere, while a super bright main space doesn’t exactly make for enjoyable dining. Rather than opting for one type of lighting, you need to layer and blend four, by using all four across your kitchen design you’ll be able to complete food prep, create that dining ambience, add those interesting accents and bring a decorative touch to your room.

Make the most out of your kitchen space

Make the most out of your kitchen space

Dealing with the clutter of a kitchen area is now a thing of the past, as Cucina Kitchens takes a leap into providing a kitchen that utilises clean, neat and crisp lines, with a great range of ‘integrated’ and ‘hidden’ options for your kitchen.

Designed and constructed for practicality and with a modern feel Cucina Kitchens have integration options to suit any home including drawer systems, waste bins, base and tall cabinet storage, appliances and pantry systems.

We can pretty much integrate everything in your kitchen and hide things from sight, so that get the most of your kitchen space. Getting the most out of your kitchen space is important not only for the modern day chef but also the home cook and our range of integrated ideas can help you do that. Most people spend a great deal of their time in the kitchen and integration will not only make that an even more pleasurable experience but will help to organise their kitchen like never before.

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What do you want from your kitchen island?

What do you want from your kitchen island?

One of the most interesting parts of designing a new kitchen is the island. With more people opting for an open plan style of living, a kitchen island can provide a transition between the kitchen and the living space. It can act as a subtle barrier to keep people out of the cooking area whilst simultaneously offering an area in which people can congregate and sit.

When considering whether to include an island in your room, the first question is an obvious one: do you have the space for an island? Ideally you should have a 900mm-1000mm walkway distance all the way round an island. This is enough for two people to pass each other comfortably and also maintain easy access to cupboards and pull out cabinets. If you don’t have sufficient space, we can help you find alternative solutions and suggest ways to maximise the space that’s available.

The next thing to ask yourself is what do you want from your island?

  • Is it there to provide additional worktop space for food preparation?
  • Does it need to be more practical, perhaps housing the ink or hob?
  • Does it need to accommodate dining space or maybe just some casual seating?
  • Is storage the main priority?
  • Does the island need to do all of the above?

Once you have answered these practical questions about the function of your new island the fun part can really start.

You can play around with some height differences by raising or lowering a seating area or even incorporating seating into the island itself. And remember the island does not have to be square or rectangle in shape. By using curved cabinetry or curved work surfaces, or by varying the angles at which the cabinets meet we can help you create some really interesting unique designs.

If you have a hob in the island there are a number of inventive ways to deal with extraction.

Though a simple ceiling extractor can often be the most elegant solution, nothing gives more wow factor than a downdraft extractor rising out of the worktop. We can advise you about the solutions on offer and choose the option that suits you best.

The final step in the process of designing an island is selecting the finishing touches that can really crown the project. Think about the lighting, a set of unique bar stools can help to complete the overall look of the room.

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5 ways to help your kitchen project run smoothly

5 ways to help your kitchen project run smoothly

We hope you find these steps below useful and wish you luck in finding your right kitchen in the smoothest way possible.

1. Start Early
If possible, decide on which company you would like to supply your kitchen as far in advance as possible. Four to Six months is preferable. This will give the benefit of design expertise early in the process so if you need to make changes structurally to you build then you have the time to explore kitchen designs more thoroughly and to work out which design works best for you.

Think of the relief when tendering for a builder if you already have the kitchen design completed. Choosing your kitchen supplier early also means the logistics of the project can be booked in advance and you can avoid any difficulties of working during the busier periods of the year. Be aware that some traditionally manufactured kitchens that you may choose, the lead time is likely to be longer than others.

2. Give yourself time
Give yourself a time contingency which you never disclose to any contractors or builders. This is a tactic used by experienced developers and it really works. Whatever the date is that you want everything completed by, add 4 weeks of this if possible, and keep this time in reserve should it be required. The classic example of putting unnecessary time pressure on yourself is Christmas. It’s a busy time of the year to complete a kitchen or building project and so if you would like the project to be finished then please our advice from step one.

3. Use a one stop shop
When it comes to selecting all the components that make up a kitchen like appliances, sink, tap, handles and worktops, ordering them from one company will save time, hassle and take the weight off your shoulders especially if your project involves building work. We deliver all of these items to our clients together with their kitchen furniture so that everything arrives at the same time and fitters can begin work on time.

4. Keep Notes
When you have chosen your kitchen supplier you are using for your project, have regular planning meetings with your kitchen designer throughout the process. It will help you to keep on top of the things that need to be done and help to keep the project on track. We give each of our clients at Cucina Kitchens all the relevant information, samples, catalogues required.

5. Develop your wish list
A kitchen project involves a lot of decisions. We are on hand to guide you through them, but you will find it helpful to start prioritising the things you must have in your new kitchen, we call this your wish list. This might include a particular appliance, sink, colour or type of worktop. But outside the wish list keep it simple and don’t give yourself too many choices. For example choosing a tap whittling it down to just one can be daunting. So keep it down to three choices and you can help yourself by writing a quick criteria of what you want from the item. Take the tap again as an example:

  • Type of finish?
  • Single or double lever?
  • Traditional or modern?

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